I Had A Dream: The Targeting of Cosby and King

January 18th, 2016 recently passed. It was the 20th public celebration of Martin Luther King’s birthday (now a national holiday). Unfortunately, another iconic black man, William Henry Cosby continues to be maligned. Why?

I smell politics.

MLK, like Bill Clinton, was a flawed man. And like Bubba, Martin’s sins are overlooked/forgiven.

For starters, Martin’s real name was Michael. He was also a plagiarist, adulterer, and booze-imbiber. Further, he mocked the wife of murdered JFK, snarking that Jackie gave Jack a last lewinsky when she bent over his open coffin.

Despite all that, MLK remains revered. Perhaps people have matured and don’t expect perfect leaders. After all, there is that old joke. After chiding an irate crowd for harshly judging a whore, Jesus challenges them thusly: “Let anyone without sin cast the first stone.” Suddenly the prostitute screams as…wham!… a rock slams her head. Christ sighs, “Mother, puhleez!”

The message: Mary might have been perfect, but no one else, not even her Son, savior of the world.

So if Jesus and MLK get a pass, why not the heretofore iconic WHC? I suspect because the latter is not PC and did not ask whites to turn their other cheeks. Instead, he told blacks to buck up, get off their “cheeks,” and start acting responsibly. Doing so, he suggested, would likely lead to success and independent living.

Alas, that didn’t sell in Welfarestan. There, whites are blamed for everything under the sun, including the sun. And thugs like Trayvon Martin are viewed like modern-day Frederick Douglasses. Anyone saying otherwise is lynched by fellow blacks as a race traitor.

Cosby is being railroaded for acting uppity…like Magic Johnson, Jagger, Clinton and other male celebrities. He dared to think he might attract groupies, too. And like Mick, he also kept on-hand ingestible comestibles to enhance sexual experiences with willing wenches.

Unlike those other horn-dogs, though, ‘Cos also acted like a national father to blacks, telling them to get their act together. He said if they wanted to huxtable themselves and get off the EBT Plantation they needed to stop wearing pants around knees, dressing like prisoners, speaking Ebonics, etc.

This did not please liberals. Caucasians noting black failings is one thing. They can be dismissed as crackers, Klan members, or wacky white supremacists. But a black superstar doing the same is something else.

So…how to bring down a national father figure? Easy peasey: act like a national Family Court! That is, sandbag the too-trusting male, charges him with dastardly deeds and count on a lazy public to deem him guilty until proven innocent.

Thus feminists corralling scores of aged crones to accuse Bill of drugging them.

No one asks the accusers why, as young groupies, they sought out a married man for “private lessons.” No one asks what they hoped to gain from “sexy-time” with Mr. Pudding. Instead, they quote-mine. They allege that because ‘Cos had quaaludes (the 1970s Ecstasy-like “love drug” preferred by randy demoiselles) he must have “drugged” them.

Of course, when the first former star-fucker published her breathless Perils-of-Pauline “50 shades of black” accusation others followed suit. They now had a template to follow to target the former Temple alum. The “force” of free flights, food, hotels, TV interviews, fame, Victim merit badges (and perhaps money) was strong in them. They were hellbent on making Bill atone for their past slutitude, punish him for not dumping Camille.

It was a perfect storm. They were liberals and he an aging, frail conservative. He used gentle humor, so would not rip them new ones like Chris Rock might.

Also, attacking after statutes-of-limitation expired protected them from perjury. Plus the sheer number of accusations would work for them…like it does in all mobs. After all, WWII Jews must have deserved their fate since millions of Germans said so, right?

Hence the current sad spectacle of a famous, decent man being torn to pieces by hysterical hyenas. Millions of men see it and do nothing, too busy counting the hours until Super Bowl 50 commences. They continue to blindly think rabid feminists will never target them.

So where are all the institutions Bill donated to, all the young comedians he helped? Crickets. They’re either silent or joining the feeding frenzy, cowards all. They’ve learned nothing from all the false-rape accusations made by the Rolling Stone and other liberal media outlets.

I wonder what MLK would have said about the lurid, black-male-as-rapist fantasies fueled by Allred and her co-attackers?

Aside from the Birth of a Nation hysteria about Mandingos ringing-and-dinging white belles, there’s the familiar-yet-ominous message that anyone who notes black irresponsibility must be a crazed cracker or melanin-deficient misogynist. Just as feminists see women as responsible for nothing (being eternal victims forced to drink beer-wine-booze to excess by men who take advantage of self-proclaimed sluts in a hook-up culture), liberals view blacks as innocent cherubs denied the American Dream by evil folks who think dindu nuffins need to work to become got sumpins.

Yesterday a black man I know gave a speech on MLK. I met the former years ago when I worked in a diabetic clinic. I’d walked into an office and overheard him pitching a proposal to raise research funds (both his parents were diabetic). I sensed a smart, caring, ambitious, and people-savvy hombre. Ultimately he faced so much red-tape he decided to throw his own “unauthorized” event and give the money to another, less-huffy institution.

I attended his private event. It confirmed my first impressions.

Over time I (and I’m sure many others) urged him to run for political office. He did, similarly overcoming many obstacles. Today he is a City Councilor.

Alas, I did not attend his Monday lecture. I feared he might have sold-out, presenting the usual one-sided “discussion” of race: whites (no matter their actual situations) getting lumped together as evil meanies living large on Easy Street. That is, quasi-neo-nazis keeping brothers down.

That’s seems to be the mantra of BLM, which thinks black lives should matter more to whites than minorities themselves. Caucasians, in their view, are to do all the heavy lifting while blacks kick back (occasionally robbing stores, burning cities, and killing each other).

I hope I was wrong. I hope he told the audience how he himself– a black male– succeeded. How he studied and worked hard, made alliances and didn’t blame conditions 152 years ago for his life now. How whites have burdens, too, and aren’t on Earth to atone for sins their ancestors may or may not have committed. How blacks also owned and sold slaves in Africa and America. How house slaves were more “privileged” than field slaves (some more abusive than whites, like Jewish kapos in concentration camps), yet not chided to apologize or make amends.

I also hope he told blacks that reparations have already been paid. That blacks in America are the most privileged minorities in the world. And that if anything, blacks owe whites for all the things they enjoy without paying royalties (like electricity, indoor plumbing, internal combustion machines, jets, iPhones, trains, highways, skyscrapers, elevators, air-conditioning, refrigerators, dishwashers, suspension bridges, television, radio, the Internet, computers, penicillin, and so on).

Finally, I hope he told his listeners that the only thing holding blacks back today is their own slave mentality. That blaming “whitey” is about as effective as blaming the “universe.” That if blacks fail to thrive the fault, as Cassius said, “is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

Then again, saying such things would put him in the cross-hairs of Madame Allred, a beastie who seems to have a hair across her fundament as thick as a trans-Atlantic cable. Ask ‘Cos about the dire effects the freakish frequencies she transmits from same have on anyone speaking truth to pudenda-ized political power!

If MLK had presaged her brand of lunatic feminism he well might have delivered a “I had a nightmare” speech.

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