All’s Well That Ends Wellesley

Wellesley College, located 12 miles west of Boston, recently appointed a new president: Paula A. Johnson. She blazes a trail by being the first black to head the school. She continues tradition by being female.

Should men care? I think so, if only to note the breath-taking double-think on display.

One of John’s goals is to strengthen the college’s much-vaunted diversity. She wants “to not only strengthen and deepen that diversity, but also ensure that our residential experience is taking full advantage of that diversity, that our young women are really experiencing all the richness that diversity brings our campus.” Since she mentioned diversity (the latest liberal buzzword) 3 times in 37 words, you’d think she meant it. Alas, she will command an elite enclave that denies admission to half the world.

Wellesley, you see, still sexistly excludes men. Of Johnson’s 2400 scholars, not one bears a johnson.

Does “diverse” Wellesley offer a degree in Military Studies or discuss how men feel fighting wars? Or does it champion the military lowering standards to create the illusion that men and women are equal…while maintaining sex-segregated showers and Olympic events? Does it teach that the main reason women survived the Titanic’s sinking was their possessing vaginas? Is the mention of male honor, sacrifice, consistency, and fairness verboten at the school?

How diverse is the College, really? How many conservatives matriculate? How many Christian fundamentalist? Men’s rights activists? Heterosexuals? Amish? NRA members?

Its student body is 42% Asian-biracial-black-Hispanic with 12% “international” students. That is, while giving lip-service to inclusion, the college remains 95% non-black.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a confession of hypocrisy, though. Wellesley is a feminist redoubt, after all. It boasts alums like Lady Macbubba (Hillary Clinton) and MadeleineMe Likey Dead Iraqi Babies Albright. Maybe deceit and double-standards pollute Wellesley’s wells.

The Boston Globe article noted that Ms. Johnson lives in tony Brookline, not “diverse” Dorchester with its large black population. So is she an oreo or Aunt Tomasina?

The new president brayed that the college provides an “outstanding liberal arts education.” That’s usually code for inculcating a leftist, liberal agenda. It also raises questions, like:

Can a so-called “institute of higher learning” claim in 2016 to be enlightened while discriminating based on gender?

Can the learned doctor not see the bias in her founding a female-only medical center? Would she support a whites-only hospital?

As a physician, does she support level-funding for both breast and prostate cancer research?

As a parent, does she endorse affirmative action awarding divorced fathers custody until such time as dads attain post-marital equality?

Will she fight to make cab drivers get paid the same as brain surgeons in the name of pay equity…like telling women with degrees in Queer Studies they deserve as much as men in STEM fields?

Does she endorse the creation of an all-female regiment like the all-black Massachusetts 54th so women can prove their martial mettle? Since the brave warriorette-wannabes at Wellesley were spooked by a statue of an inferior male human, will the fierce amazons charge North Koreans with “jazz hands”?

The piece also stated that “Johnson’s work has focused in part on biological differences between women and men.” Impossible! Doesn’t she know that men and women are equal?

She also seeks to “correct a longstanding imbalance in medical research that looked only at men.” Hmmm. Was that because men volunteered to be guinea pigs to tests drugs, vaccines, and medical procedures to benefit everyone?

Why is male generosity downplayed, even demonized? Why is chivalry retroactively damned for excluding women? Why no mention of good males protecting even bad females, sparing them pain? Why is the military excoriated for denying women the chance to be wounded, tortured, and killed equally?

Sgt Paula and her Howling Harridans are something else. They assert that the “mission of Wellesley is to educate women who will make a difference in the world” (like Hitler did?). Is that why they’re now admitting “different” caitlynites?

That’s right: the bastion of Gynothought will now accept un-men. Trannies. The message? If you’re willing to lop off your willy, removing all taint and trace of manhood, riot grrrls will welcome you. Like, I suppose, apartheid South Africa welcomed blacks who flayed their skin.

What new freakishness will feminism normalize? Will Wellesley one day confer PhDs in Gnocchi-ism on pierogi-loving dumplingkins? Such sexist shenanigans make Caligula’s treating a horse like a Roman senator seem tame.

How strange, too, to hear cowardly women— who can’t find the grit to ask men on dates— brag about female leadership. Does any man packing a pair think “leaning in” makes you a leader? Did Patton lead by body posture or putting his body in harm’s way? Yet all we hear these days is how fierce and feisty women are as they blame men for all female failings, pout like children, and demand more-more-more help from Big Government (aka The Patriarchy). Their leadership seems to consist mainly of nagging men to change the world.

Why do guys put up with it? Why do men tolerate insults to their gender and institutions? Is it because, raised by mothers (upon whom their very survival once depended), they feel a primal fear when opposing females? Is it because they’ve been lied to all their lives…shamed and drugged in schools for being imperfect females? Is it because they were told they run things and thus cause all worldly problems? Is it because they fear being attacked by ms.-guided white-knights?

Who knows. The fact remains that they haven’t defended manhood. Harvard and Williams went coed, not Smith and Simmons. The Citadel was forced to admit females based on it being state-funded. Douglass College (at Rutgers-The-State-University) remains female-only.

So…is Wellesley really just a reeducation camp teaching Femthink? You know:

women good, men bad;

because women are responsible for nothing they deserve to run everything (like letting 5-year olds fly jumbo-jets);

men are just drones in a matriarchy, doing dirty, dangerous jobs to make the world safe for Big Sister;

“critical thinking” means agreeing with liberal progressives holding anti-male stances;

“diversity” means “no whites;”

“inclusion” means both Harvard and Radcliffe focusing on women;

“gender” means “everyone but straight white males.”

How did we get here?

For eons few humans enjoyed formal education. First, there were few universities during the Stone Age. Second, it was a rich man’s game, requiring intelligence, leisure, and money. Students had to travel in sometimes inclement weather to cities often dirty and dangerous. Few women qualified. Over time, technologies developed by men allowed more men to attend college (often experiencing hazing, class conflict, and corporal punishment). When modern times arrived (with safer transportation, better-policed cities, and booming economies), women, too, began to obtain degrees.

Early colleges were sex-segregated for many of the reasons feminists hold dear: like men being deemed sexual beasts who prey on pure, precious females in need of pedestal’d protection. Yet in reality, Radcliffe often rival’d Harvard in terms of excellence. And carnal couplings were not infrequent. The movie Love Story captures the vibe as does Wellesley infamous “fuck truck.”

There were more choices then. You could go to all-male, all-black, all-female, or all-Catholic schools. You could also go to coed colleges. There was respect for both tradition and change.

Recent decades reversed that with a full frontal assault on all-things-male. The Boys’ Club, Cornell, and Rotarians were forced to admit women. At the same time, Wellesley and other schools remained all-female. Plus anti-male entities proliferated, creating women-only health clubs, road races, DV shelters, and college centers on coed campuses.

It’s a womanifestation of Femthink: “What’s hers is hers. What’s his is hers, too.”

Does Wellesley exist to make up for past “sexism”? If so, will its graduates finally do their fair share by driving long-haul trucks, mining coal, and drilling oil?

I doubt it.

IMHO, Wellesley should go the way of the USSR and dodo bird. It’s sexism is both arrogant and antiquated, a relic of benighted times. It seems a gendered institution of alchemical unlearning, the patriarchy supplanting phlogiston.

Finally, one chippy senior chirped that Ms. Johnson understands the importance of “equity, inclusion, and well-being”…oblivious to her college excluding males and ignoring men’s issues. Feminists like her should be forced to fund the erection of (!) a Women’s Ingratitude Memorial on the national mall. And told to consider carefully what they ask for. A world where men become indifferent to females will not be pleasant for steinemites. Especially since reality doesn’t mesh with Wellesley’s motto: “Not to be ministered unto but to minister!” In truth, women demand that men minister to, cater to, and take care of females…who swear they are really-really-really equal and independent.


Happy 80th Birthday, Esther Vilar, From Countless Unmanipulated Men!

Esther Vilar didn’t and doesn’t need feminism. The women’s movement not only didn’t support her, it attacked her…for the usual reason: she told the truth.

Ms. Vilar was born on September 16, 1935. She’s been a mother, wife, author, doctor, playwright, “translator, saleswoman, assembly-line worker in a thermometer factory, shoe model, and secretary.”

Oh, and she’s also been a recipient of death threats.

Her crime? Pointing out that far from being powerless, women hold considerable sway in the world, particularly over men.

In 1975 she debated Germany’s version of Gloria Steinem, Alice Schwarzer.

Schwarzer shuns pornography, supports male circumcision, and evaded taxes (she paid 200,000 Euros in 2014 to make amends). Like most feminists she claims to be for equality while doing nothing to improve the lives of men. The “debate” between her and Esther is instructive.

Schwarzer uses the usual feminist tools: talking over her guest, putting words in her mouth, suggesting some unspoken pain propelled Vilar to hate women, goading her to reveal private family matters, acting outraged that others have other opinions, etc. Typical fembot attack tactics fueled by arrogance and snark.

In 2010 a female European official similarly irked feminists by similarly speaking the truth. She opined:

“Many women like to study German and humanities; men, on the other hand, electrical engineering — and that has consequences when it comes to salaries.”

Thus spake German Family Minister Kristina Schröder, kaboshing– yet again!– the “wage gap” myth. One critic said she had a split-personality…which is rich since most feminists see just half the world, the one split to ignore male travails.

Notice, too, how the interviewer from Der Spiegel schwarzerises the minister for supporting equality:

SPIEGEL: “One of your first acts in office was to set up a department for the victims of feminism.”
Schröder: “I’m sorry but there is no department with such a name in my ministry.”
SPIEGEL: “A department for boys. Who gave you this funny idea?”
Schröder: “What’s funny about it? I always thought we have badly neglected issues concerning boys and men. It’s a fact that it used to be Catholic working class girls from rural areas who had the biggest problems in school. Now it’s boys from low-education backgrounds.”

Typical. Women’s issues are raised in high dudgeon, men’s “humorously.”

Feminism is based on the lie that “men have all the power.” So, of course, anyone who notes that males have problems, too, gets mocked with the intent to silence.

Esther certainly found this out. Like two other true champions of gender equality, Suzanne Steinmetz and Erin Pizzey, Ms. Vilar received death threats.

Ironically, Ms. Pizzey founded the world’s first DV shelter in 1971…the same year Vilar’s classic The Manipulated Man was published.

Plus Esther, like Erin, comes from a long line of egalitarian females. Somehow these foremothers managed to succeed in a world supposedly ruled by oppressive, obstructive, obdurate, and obtuse patriarchs. Women like Helen Keller, Margaret Bourke-White, Amelia Earhart, Madame Curie, and Florence Nightingale.

They are matched today by pro-male columnists and critics like Christina Hoff-Sommers, Kathleen Parker, Donna Laframboise, Camille Paglia, Midge Decter and others.

Like men with “balls” and “true grit,” these females had “eggs” and showed “true clit.” They were not, are not, fey feminists demanding that Big Daddy protect them from life. They were not “triggered” by views differing from their own.

The men’s movement should honor such women, recognizing them as trench-mates defending civilization and comity against misandric hirsute hordes.

It is unfortunate, perhaps unforgivable, certainly unthinkable that Esther Villar’s stellar work, published 44 years ago, is still not required reading in every Gender Studies course. Free copies abound online:

One excerpt:

“By the age of twelve at the latest, most women have decided to become prostitutes. Or, to put it another way they have planned a future for themselves which consists of choosing a man and letting him do all the work. In return for his support, they are prepared to let him make use of their vagina at certain given intervals. The minute a woman has made this decision she ceases to develop her mind. She may, of course, go on to obtain various degrees and diplomas. These increase her market value in the eyes of men, for men believe that a woman who can recite things by heart must also know and understand them. But any real possibility of communication between the sexes ceases at this point. Their paths are divided forever.”

And here we are today with 60% of college graduates being female while men continue to do most of the dirty, dangerous jobs in life! Even dating, decades after the Pill and Summer of Love, remains primarily a male obligation. The hard-charging corporate female reverts to a meek Victorian waif after-hours, expecting men to make first-moves, arrange and pay for dates, etc. all while swearing she supports equality.

Esther would say the sexist CEO-wannabe is just using the feminine advantage that simp-wimp beta males grant her. And Ms. Vilar would be right.

Called out on traditional expectations and cowardly passivity, today’s thoroughly modern woman will coyly say (1) men don’t like assertive women and (2) those who propose dates should pay for them. This, of course, is both convenient and misandric poppycock. Imagine a man saying he can’t help more around the house because, well, women don’t like house-husbandy males. Or men refusing to help clean after Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter family feasts because the one who cooks must also clean!

Women who brag that there are now female Army Rangers insist that gals lack the grit to approach men they don’t already know and let them know they’re “interested. Tant pis. Because becoming responsible for their sexuality would net them more compatible lovers while teaching females how to handle rejection…making them better salary negotiators. But they don’t have to because manipulated men continue to let them duck hard duties.

Esther cites a slew of similar circumstances and issues…exposing the pudendal puppet-strings women pull to make putzy men perform.

I hope the men’s rights movement invites Esther to upcoming conferences and heeds her wisdom. Personally, I’d love to hear her take on women in the military; anti-male “yes means yes” laws; rape hysteria; PUAs and MGTOWs and MRAs (oh my!); current divorce laws; slut-walks; feminists demanding that tits be exposed wherever men go bare-chested (while suing cops who frisk females equally); the dearth of Men’s Centers on college campuses; etc.

In any case, Esther, the men’s movement salutes you for being a sister-in-arms during the past 5 decades of the Gender War. Happy birthday!

RIP: International Men’s Day York Dorks and Men’s Rights Inactivists Rip IMD A New One

Per usual, International Men’s Day (IMD) was ignored/mocked.

The good news is that International Toilet Day was celebrated. Of course the egalitarian PBS, which never ignores a chance to ignore men’s issues, lauded it.

Naturally, as a public service serving the public it neglected-on-purpose mentioning that most plumbers, sewer workers, waterworks engineers, etc. are male.

In some ways, who can blame PBS? Men themselves are the biggest blockage in mass media pipelines, routinely flushing their issues down the GHOSTO with gusto: Great Highway of Stool to Oblivion.

IMD’s creator, Tom Oaster, inadvertently ordained that result. I know. I was there when he first pondered the unsung celebration for unsung males back in-the-day.

We corresponded by snail-mail in the early 1990s, a tad by new-fangled email. He insisted that IMD be a “day of respect [that] should go beyond the current social activities referred to as men’s movements.” To him, the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) was just a bunch of silly “social activities,” like a quilting bee. He seemed proud that there was “no such thing as a unified men’s movement.”

Sadly, a half-century later, most men continue to believe that disunity is a powerful social stance.

Men who value the Second Amendment are not so foolish. They know too well why an NRA is needed.

Folks who value the First Amendment also cheer and support FIRE…which does what the MRM should: takes names, kicks ass, and sues!

Only MRAs think feminist bullies will stop on their own. Or when “teh wimminz” note the magic “stealth power” of MGTOWs.

Men were not always this clueless. Traditionally guys knew that armies defeated snipers, skirmishers, partisans, militias, and resistance groups. Always.

They also knew the importance of forming unions to counter corporations.

And the need for, and influence of, fraternal orders like the Elks, Shriners, Rotarians, Sons of Italy, VFW, and Knights of Columbus.

Plus at college, they formed fraternities and societies from William and Mary College’s Phi Beta Kappa to Yale’s Skull and Bones to Harvard’s Fly Club.

Yet somewhere along the line the obvious need for such groups (to provide solace, guidance, and strength to members while force-multiplying good) was lost.

That time, IMHO, was the mid-sixties. That was when NOW was formed and manhood came under attack.

When Hitler attacked America, men volunteered by the millions to fight. But when steinemites threatened to take everything men held dear (family, kids, cash, jobs, academia) men did nothing.

For thoroughly modern males, vaginas had become kryptonite: a source of strength before they were hurled from Planet Uterus, thereafter a weakener of manhood.


Well, first: mother-vaginates kept them alive (or not: abortion, neglect, etc.). Young lads learned that Pleasing Mommy meant stuffing feelings (“Big boys don’t cry!”).

Second: a young lass had a vagina, too. She conditionally offered (as Laura Nyro sang) a “super ride in my love thing.” So guys learned to pay for dates and play ball when wounded.

Third: females offered emotional succor to young men socialized to believe closeness with other males was “gay” and “for sissies.”

The result: men handing huge amounts of power to females,

And that was before women organized their modern movement!

The National Organization for Women grew into a monster, gaining great clout. Its founding members sometimes defected or spun off, but still mentioned NOW. Whatever Gloria Steinem said or did redounded to NOW. This is not true for men. Warren Farrell might mention his books, not a particular group. Roosh V might mention Return of Kings, but not the MRM or any Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) because many pickup artists (PUAs) disagree with MRAs. The same hold true for vloggers like Ramzpaul and Bernard Chapin: no mention of others activists. The result is no one group gaining clout.

NOW, because it was centralized, gained members, money, media-attention. It hired full-time lawyers, fundraisers, and talking-heads. It wrote and presented bills which were lobbied into law. Females learned the power of collective action. They secured millions of dollars from private donors, foundation grants, and governments.

Quick: name one men’s group that’s written any grant proposal!

NOW’s war chest, combined with legions of activists, secured myriad resources for women’s issues: DV shelters, women’s centers on college campuses, Women’s Studies sections in bookstores, and so on. Each one echoed women’s issues.

Feminists then took over college campuses and schools of education. They taught new teachers how to teach feminism. Those teachers, in turn, drugged young antsy boys and mandated further feminist indoctrination.

The entire culture was impacted, resulting in today’s ubiquitous Social Justice Warrior (SJW) wusses and stooges who have zero concern for men.

Normal, non-caitlynized men responded to this cultural takeover by drinking beer and watching sports on TV.

Oh, and by banging drums in the woods during sweat-lodge weekends.

(And some call the Taliban crazy!)

Western men, facing feminists who threatened to gut everything they held dear, religiously, adamantly, and always chose not to organize. They could not overcome their fear of and need for vagina. Anything to avoid being called crybabies and whiners.

Imagine: invaders appear on the horizon. Unopposed, they take over land, property, and assets. They recruit new members and indoctrinate the young. They pour foundations for fortresses which spread across the countryside.

Watching this, traditional guardians…go fishing.

What do you call such non-protectors?

Today males cry that they don’t understand how things got so bad. And whine that feminism is too well entrenched to oppose today (allowing them, in good conscience, to consume more booze/ESPN).

Tragically, today’s men would still be debating the good and bad points of Nazism at the Oxford Union. Their passivity is staggering to behold.

Oaster set-up his own demise. By insisting that every man go through life alone, fighting his own battles against vast, united, ever-active feminist forces, he sealed the fate of other men who emulated his stance.

Millions of males lost their kids and purposes in life. Their wives got advice from united, organized, well-funded women’s groups. They were coached by government-paid lawyers and were encouraged to sucker-punch husbands with divorce papers.

Divorce courts, which also became misandric due to male inertia, made sure men not often lost contact with their own flesh and blood, but paid dearly for the privilege.

No one cared, certainly not the non-moving men’s movement. It didn’t matter that the father was an emotional wreck, expected to weather alone the shitstorm that had hit him. He was to remain stoic, paying more-more-more for less-less-less. He had to find a new place to live while paying all former expenses, including new lawyer and court fees. During all this, he was expected to keep working as if nothing had happened.

Men, after all, are privileged robots with no feelings. So feminists tell us.

His wife got all sorts of help (emotional, legal, financial, education). He was left sucking eggs, tossed on society’s garbage heap. Former buddies avoided him, too, lest they “catch” his disease.

If such men— ignored/mocked by all (including the MRM)—killed themselves, so what? Thomas Ball may have died for men’s sins-of-omission, but tough-titties. He was just another Vietnam Vet loony loser:

Oaster penultimately had to defend himself alone because there was no men’s movement to advocate for him. Ultimately he took himself out of the gender game entirely because he dissed the importance of a band-of-brothers willing to fight during war.

And feminists are waging war.

So it’s not really feminism that ruins men’s lives. Nor is it manginas like Futrelle, Kimmel, Schwyzer, et femalia. It’s normal men who are afraid to champion men’s rights by uniting and fighting. They’d rather jabber online than take effective action.

They are also absolutely terrified of being called names by hirsute land-whales.

MRAs even tried changing their motto to “human rights” hoping it would fool someone. FRAs (Fathers’ Rights Activists) had tried that before, too, thinking feminists would forget that dads are first and foremost M-E-N.

Nothing pleases or appeases dworkinites.

The MRM forgets that at its peril. Yet it continues to think, like Occupy Wall Street naifs, that being a ramshackle assembly of disorganized dolts will actually change something. OWS is gone with the wind and, a half-century after NOW’s founding, the men’s rights movement mostly breaks wind, too.

Sadly, the only time men will fight per gender issues is when they attack other MRAs, forming endless circular firing-squads. That reaction ensures endless victims like Oaster, Ball, and others. And makes sure their movement, like the vortex Moby Dick created, sucks the MRM down feminism’s toilet “round and round, then, and ever contracting towards the button-like black bubble at the axis.”

Call me, Schlemiel.

Barry Our Hearts at Wounded Jayes: Nolan vs. Cassie

Feminists endlessly tell us they champion equality. They swear they care about men just as much as women. They lie. Like the pigs on Animal Farm, they believe females are more equal than males. They’d rewrite the classic Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee to create sympathy for Indian-killing soldiers like General Phil Sheridan.

In truth, feminists— both male and female— view males as inferior untermenschen. If they really believed men had all they power they’d never mention things like rape. After all, why would non-consensual sex be a crime if men truly ruled the world? Guys would just do what they wished with female “slaves.”

Feminism dictates what is permissible or verboten. If you dare question their diktats, you get hammered. Look at what happened to Cassie Jaye. She started filming representatives of both sides of gender issues. Equally. She got savaged for being…fair.

Then there is Barry Nolan…a proud mangina celebrity who once championed men’s rights. In fact, he won an award for hosting Big Boys Can Cry: The Changing American Man in 1982. I remember because the men’s group he spotlighted was mine, filmed in my former apartment. The Klieg-lights charred the ceiling!

Since then he’s forgotten his roots. Like feminists, he now sees only one half of gendered, mutual concerns. For example, he thinks divorce courts favor men while domestic violence is male-caused.

He’s had a successful career in media: Evening Magazine, Over the Edge, Hard Copy, Extra!, Nitebeat, CN8, and now hosts Says You! (on various radio stations, including WGBH Boston, near Nolan’s home in Newton, MA). He claims his success is based on “white privilege,” not his being good-looking, hard-working, and possessing a MENSA-level IQ.

Somewhere along the line Mr. Nolan morphed into a die-hard misandrist. He’s now married to a feminist professor, Garland Waller, who uses her Boston University position to sexistly make only pro-female/anti-male movies: Rape: An Act of Hate, Small Justice: Little Justice in America’s Family Courts, No Way Out But One and Seeking Happily Ever After.

Her webpage says “Professor Waller teaches The Creative Producer and Hothouse Productions, a class that operates as a student-run, client-driven production company.” Want to bet the course is chock-a-block with social justice warriors getting credit for helping her spout a misandric agenda?

It’s not only BU that has become an indoctrination center waging Social Justice War. When York University refused to celebrate International Men’s Day (November 18th) it said, “The Equality and Diversity Committee is clear that the main focus of gender equality work should continue to be on the inequalities faced by women, and in particular the under-representation of women in the professoriate and senior management.”

Thus does feminism twist words to its Orwellian purpose. Equality now ignores male contributions to, and burdens in, life. It’s like saying justice will arrive only when the suffering of bees is addressed, not the equal suffering of birds.

Traditionally the world was bifurcated: work done within the home and that without. On farms it meant women mostly working inside (caring for kids, cooking, sewing, cleaning, darning, preserving foods, tending the yard, etc.). For men it meant building homesteads, installing fences, removing boulders and tree stumps, tilling soil, sowing fields, harvesting crops, and so on. Both roles were needed to create and maintain society.

For the past half-century, though, feminists have concentrated solely on the female role, seeking to expand it. They cared not a jot about what men had done in the past, nor what guys might want in the future. Feminists ignored traditional male jobs like farming, coal-mining, and soldiering. They bypassed Industrial Age jobs, too, like working in factories. Instead, they demanded instant parity in the cushiest, highest-paying Electronic Era corner office jobs: CEOs, managers, board members, professors, etc.

Moreover, they wanted those jobs without having to pay the price men did…like staying 25 years at the same company, working 60-hour weeks while foregoing time with family, friends, and hobbies. They wanted it all —high pay, satisfaction, leisure time, kids— and wanted it now. They’d stamp their feet and hold their breath until Big Daddy/Government/Patriarchy gave it to them, too.

Not only did feminists ignore the historical sacrifices men made outside the home (for example, dying in combat or while building dams), they worked to prevent men from entering traditional female bastions. Child-custody, nursing, early education were to remain female-only preserves.

Again, this passed for egalitarianism among feminists. They blotted out traditional male obligations. “Housework” tallies typically exclude painting, shoveling snow, hanging shelves, repairing plumbing, installing home theaters, disciplining kids, de-bugging computers, mowing lawns (and maintaining mowers!), cleaning gutters, checking bumps-in-the-night, and so. That was all taken for granted. Meanwhile, women using labor-saving devices created by men (microwave ovens, dishwashers, vacuum-cleaners, clothes-dryers, etc.) was deemed akin to surviving the Burma Death March.

Feminists created ever-more female events (from Take Back the Night marches to Women’s History Month to Breast Cancer Awareness Month) while refusing to grant men even one new one like International Men’s Day. Worse, even on Father’s Day they foment misandry by demonizing “deadbeat dads” who can’t pay onerous child support and blaming men alone for domestic violence.

This unequal “blaming men while pretending not to” is seen most often with the ubiquitous use of the word “Patriarchy.” Having “patriarch/pater familias” at its root, it clearly points to men. If, instead, we say “the way men and women together decided to live” things get more honest and truthful. Feminists refuse to do this, of course, since it makes them co-responsible.

Which they are.

Women’s greatest power is to appear powerless. Being viewed as eternal victims lets them determine what is equal. But they’re not victims. I mean, who has more power over a young boy: his mother or a general? Mothers create warriors by shaping young male behaviors. Moms remind boys of ancient vendettas. They tell sons to protect the motherland. They teach boys to stuff feelings, not hit girls, and “soldier on” when wounded. It’s mothers who comfort boys when they don’t cry that create ‘unfeeling” societies. It’s highschool cheerleaders who have sex with winning football players (who “press on” when hurt) that create war-mongers.

The idea that females have no effect on males is nonsense. Wounded/dying soldiers cry out for their mothers, not their fathers, bankers, or fraternity brothers.

The tragedy is that boys taught to stuff feelings grow into males who are easily manipulated emotionally, remaining blind to their inequality. Hence the prevalence of manginas and white-knights. They think they’re top dogs when, in truth, the Sisterhood holds their leashes.

So forget the French Revolution’s “liberty, equality, fraternity.” Beware feminism’s revolting motto: “Misandry, Female Superiority, Sorority!”

When Oscar Met Thelma: Academy Awards 2016

The Oscars (statues presented annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) were awarded on Sunday, February 28th.

The Thelmas are awarded annually, too, by the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) for feminist films (real or imagined, intended or amended) that have done the most to drive gender justice over the cliff.

This year’s nominees included:

A Grrrrl in the River: The Price of Forgiveness
MGTOWs internationally go their own ways after hearing a leading feminist scream for help, finding herself far up Shit Creek, lacking a paddle, heading toward Infrastructure Fail Falls.

Leonardo Da Vinci-Caprio paints a soon-to-be famous portrait of Venice’s first openly-gay trans-gerbil-lovin’ otherkin anomaly.

Bear Story
A bio-pic of an infamous, fat, and fatuous feminist: her royal tonnage, Madame Andrea “Gimme Donuts” Dworkin. The movie chronicles her losing battle with facial hair along with her fondness for Honey Bun pastries (scarfing dozens per sitting). The documentary also delves into her struggle to find the proper overalls to encase her immense mobytude, ultimately settling on one plus-size category: The Big Short.

Chow, Beyond the Lines
A docu-alimentary film revealing how feminists create their army of landwhales. The fierce, feisty head of Camp Shamu— Gloria Gluttonstein— takes the camera crew behind the scenes to show femisaurs participating in the Rosie O’Donnell Waddlethon after carb-scarfing at the Ima Mess Hall.

Embrace of the Serpent
A claque of PUAs (pickup artists) brainstorms to find a slogan to save women from the 9-levels of feminist hell. Ultimately they discover a singularly effective strategy: simply suggest to normal females that they need to heed their inner urge-to-merge and “follow the phallus.” Soundtrack by the Lizard King, Doors superstar Jim Morrison. Filmed on location in Japan during Kanamara Matsuri.

Everything Will Be Okay
An examination of the unforeseen social consequences of feminism’s male-bashing. Guys are shown “going Galt,” letting “teh wimminz” maintain infrastructures and other MAN-ifestations of civilization. Male scientists become MGTOWs, handing STEM jobs to the “little ladies.” Steinemites are subsequently interviewed in caves that females retreat to whenever rain drives them their daily berry-picking.

A naive married mangina buys into a snow-job shilled by a financial adviser. He then suffers gruesome losses during a bear market, barely surviving. He soon finds that everything and everyone he once knew no longer know him. He gets thrown out of his mancave by his suddenly-unhappy wife, leaving him homeless. Bereft, stripped of his children, saddled with child support, he suffers from a deeply-wounded ego. Ultimately he drags himself to the safety of the nascent men’s movement, farting in the general direction of feminists.

Montages of humans around the world celebrating the death of the women’s movement. There are conversations with the curator of the Hillary Canklesaurus Unnatural History Museum as well as the head keeper at the Hear Me Roar fembot zoo. Raucous groups of normal men and woman gather in bars to share war stories. One man talks about how his house turned into a sty just one week after he went on strike, reminding his worse-half of all the unpaid “housework” he did. A normal female jokes about the time feminist GIs bragged about being tougher than men…and the 3 minutes it took for two male Marines to deck 30 female jarheads. Good times!

Last Day of Freedom
A tragic look at the final 24-hours in a bachelor’s life before he succumbs to modern marriage. This sensitive film portrays the doomed protagonist (sporting unwashed two-tone briefs: yellow in front, brown in back) enjoying his last nag-free flatulences, testicle-scratchings, boisterous eructings, and digital nasal probes. His buddies gather to console him, helping him pick out a “manly” dog-collar with macho leash.

Mad Maxipad: PMS Road
Another feminist chick-flick masquerading as reality. Naturally, a bad-ass woman (tougher than nearly all men) fights to bring a bunch of pregger hotties to Femtopia, the Land that Progress Oppressed. How such equal, all-powerful, ready-for-combat ladies became slaves in the first place is never explained. In any case, after reaching the Allred Alamo, the caravan espies live skeletons walking about aimlessly, gals argle-bargling about “unpacking patriarchal oppressions with Foucaultian narratives in diverse colonial voices that intersect queer trans-inclusion” while picking at granola bits scattered on the ground. Like deranged, clucking chickens, the loony lasses pray that some sensible man somewhere will show up to redirect them to comforting kitchens.

Shaun the Sheep Movie
This plodding, predictable propaganda pic portrays the sad lot of Shaun, a mangina who double-majored in Women’s Studies and Masochism at Whatsamatta U. The film follows him on his quest to remove his offending appendage (in orfer to become a superior being/woman). Will willy-less Shaun succeed as a crusading caitlynite? The jury is out, “hung” or not.

Straight Outta Cosby
Ice Cube’s filmic opus has been deemed Oscar material. Meanwhile William Henry Cosby is considered persona non grata for mocking Fat Albertish folks with speech impediments. Oh, and for having drugs on-hand for aged former-demoiselles who willingly star-fucked a rich married celebrity. Of course, ‘Cos is not being electronically lynched for procuring heroin for his groupies (as some of his rock-star peers surely did), but for obtaining quaaludes (aka reds, sopors, ludes) the “love drug” of the 1970s (akin to today’s Ecstasy). For giving now-unforgiving white girls what they wanted then, Cliff Huxtuble is media frog-marched out of America’s fickle favor, forced to do an eternal perp-walk. Meanwhile, Mr. Cube (O’Shea Jackson) is welcomed into polite society. And why not? His wordsmithery rivals Shakespeare. Consider these word-up! words penned by His Cubitude, addressing the father of a honkie girl ensconced with his Compton crew: Givin’ Up the Nappy Dugout.

The Farce Awakens
After 50 years, men reconnect with their cojones and begin the much-needed task of dismantling feminist dystopias. The hero, Bik Boanir (born Hugh Chardon), confronts the evil Vaginate Empire and its myriad misandric agents: Jabba-the-Dunham; Obi-gawn NOW; Quitt Yer-Bitchin; Goot-Raip Ensler; Naiomi Bal-Oni; Nobuti Faludi; and Dr. Frankensteinem. Meanwhile, Solo Han Job, Loopy Skywanker, Princess Leia Mi-down, and Yogurt join other rebels to remove the asthmatic, desiccated Empress Dearth Vager.

The Danish Girl
A horde of horny middle-aged men reminisce about their summers as waiters at a Catskills resort…and their lust for a certain shiksa pastry chef. They share frustrations, like how she boinked every bad-boy biker in the region. They also share laughs, like learning that she ended up alone with a tragic nightly routine: 1 gallon of ice cream, 3 DVDs of Oprah re-runs, and 10 cats….meow or less.

The Hateful Eight
A searing expose of The Octagon, the 8-member cabal of harridans who founded modern feminism. The docu-crew follows the hirsute hussies on their daily rounds of gripe-collecting, blame-mongering, and excuse-making. Filmed in SBV (Super Bloviation Vision), the movie realistically captures all the venom, hot-air, and laughable lies conjured during typical fembot covens. Cameos include vignettes with Miss Andry, I. Haitmenn, Minnie-the-Moocher, Leica-Meye Hooterz, and Carla Mia Cabb.

The Look of Silence
This wonderful word-less film chronicles the creation of a reality show wherein fierce, feisty “wimmin” are asked simple queries presented on huge Jumbotron screens. Questions include: how to hang a door, unclog a toilet, solve basic math problems, gap lawn-mower spark plugs, and so on. The “deer-in-headlights” responses of egalitarian gals is priceless.

The Martian
After a half-century search, Western men finally succeeded in locating the sole cause of their misery: an extraterrestrial who descends at night while they sleep, changing laws to favor women. Millions of dudes celebrate this discovery by remaining in Lazy-Boy recliners, drinking beer, while watching football games on large-screen TVs. Meanwhile their kids/cash continue to be taken by active earth-bound wimmin spreading femobutilism.

We Can’t Live Without Cosmos
Sex in the City aficionados gather to lament the Burma Death March-like travails of thoroughly-modern women. Like having to choose between watching Fifty Shades of Hanky-Spanky or Marry, Pray, Cheat, Divorce; shopping for knock-offs of Manolo Blahniks or Jimmy Choo shoes; blaming all men for their failures or only guys they know. Oh, the humanity!

What Happened, Miss Simone?
A 98-year-old woman wheelchairs her way from Maine to California to meet Gloria Allred. Miss Simone swears that Bill Cosby violated her, too, Thrice, in fact. Once when she was a Girl Scout and he flipped her bippy after giving her tainted cookies. Again when she was a 50-year-old unwed mother (raising 6 kids from 7 fathers) and ‘Cos fondled her fun-bags after soaking her SNAP card in LSD. And finally when she was 90 and he ogled her bogle after spiking her Geritol with vodka. Gloria grows ecstatic, having found the millionth accuser of the once-and-mighty Mr. Huxtable! Put that in your pudding, Fat Albert!

World of Tomorrow
A group of rambunctious boys, drugged by school officials for being defective girls, meets weekly to plot revenge. They discuss the future, when their feminist teachers will be in nursing homes…and vulnerable. The young lads consider administering ice-water enemas; mixing colonoscopy-prep “cocktails” on Visitors Day; filling shampoo tubes with hair-removing Nair; and replacing lipstick tubes with Preparation H. Oh, happy day!

Super Bowl 50: How NOW created the NFL (National Feminist League)

One thing Super Bowl 2016 won’t be remembered for is the beginning of the end of the Gender War, one that women won.

Fifty years ago the Battle of the Sexes began, pitting women’s favorite sport (whining) against men’s (winning). On June 30th, 1966 the National Organization of Witches, er, for Women (NOW) was founded. Roughly a month later, on July 25th, Pete Roselle —commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) received a letter proposing a season-end “Super Bowl.” Few thought that 5 decades later NFL players would be neutered pitbulls, leashed to NOW harridans.

Betty Friedan headed the National Organization for Women from 1966–1970. It was the latter Sixties, an era of hippies and Woodstock, the Pill and free-love. To many at the time, it seemed Eden had returned. With effective birth-control, sex could finally be separated from anxiety, allowing the Pleasure Principle to proceed full-steam ahead. And with massive numbers of women in college, preparing to finally shoulder bread-winning with men, equality between the sexes seemed assured.

Then the Vietnam War amped up, revealing feminism’s true agenda: expanded rights for females, ever-more burdens for males.

Feminists ducked that war by claiming they couldn’t be drafted because, darn the luck, women weren’t registered with Selective Service. Plus, NOW leaders declared, women were legally barred from combat positions. This was truly odd since pre-1973 laws against abortion didn’t stop females from getting them.

Thus did feminism’s cultural cherry-picking commence. Thenceforth women’s groups would only stress things that benefitted females.

If dworkinites deemed war a brutal, savage, baby-killing enterprise it would be blamed solely on males. If war was seen as valorous, a noble thing reluctantly done to protect one’s homeland, then feminists would swear women contributed equally. Reality would be distorted so that female parachute-packers were equated with male grunts actually jumping from planes.

In short, the cultural demise began. Feminists lied and men took a powder, refusing to counter anti-male propaganda. The process continued for half a century. Today men will fight other men who merely “look at” them the wrong way. At the same time, they do nothing to protect their gender, kids, jobs, or families.

Metaphorically, feminists appear on gridirons and kick testicles through goal-posts while millions of men (and women) in stadiums cheer.

It’s fascinating to watch. There are no bigger losers today than modern Western men.

Team Peen has fielded greats like Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, and Tom Brady. Team Vag has produced ingrates like Gloria Steinem, Susan Faludi, and Gloria Allred. There is no question who’s won the cultural contest.

Football boyos, on and off the field, remain blind to the Big Picture. They don’t “get” that they provide bread-and-circus distractions while feminism undermines male-built civilizations.

Today we see “pretty in pink” human jaegers concussing each other in the Fall to help fund research…not for prostate, but breast cancer. Men don’t matter to men. Boys don’t matter to men. Males exist only to serve women.

In truth, It’s really not female activity that lets feminism metastasize. It’s male passivity. The sad fact is that even rough-tough football giants will act like meek chihuahuas, performing tricks for a few pats on the head by feminists and some kibble.

Good doggies!

You don’t see professional women’s teams wearing blue to raise awareness and money to cure any male diseases. You don’t see feminists insisting that only women protect countries now until females “finally do their fair share” and fill half of all military cemeteries. Instead, you see women demanding options while forcing ever-more obligations on males.

And males meekly acquiesce!

Go to any bar/home on Super Bowl Sunday and you will see men emoting. Once a year they’re allowed to express feelings, but only regarding football. Guys will cry when their team loses, not when misandric family courts take their kids. Adult males will cheer wildly when their team wins, not when they learn their colonoscopy results were negative.

Of course, feminists do their best…as they always do…to ruin male fun. NOW feels compelled to enter any place where guys gather to enjoy each other’s company. If men like playing computer games, feminists will sarkeesian that hobby, whining about how females are portrayed. Of course, such cultural critics never mention how often females crotch-kick males in movies or how many men die in an average James Bond film. To feminists, only women matter.

NOW attacks football, too. It lied that more women were beaten on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day. It doesn’t admit that women start half the domestic violence fights with men and inflict most abuse/neglect per children. It denies that females compensate for size by using weapons/poison and attacking when men are asleep, sick, or caught off-guard. It also glosses over the fact that men are raised to never hit women…even after women hit them. Plus we all know that females use the Vagina Pass to get lighter sentences for identical crimes.

We saw that when Ray Rice was demonized for hitting his wife in an elevator. Feminists ignored Janay Rice starting the fight by slapping Ray in the hallway, then continuing to attack him in the elevator. Suddenly the larger-size female was not equal, just another frail little girl facing a big, brutal subhuman male entity.

We saw it again when a female hogging a space in a Florida bar hit a man trying to get a drink. It didn’t matter that she was hogging the bar or hit him first. Reporters don’t “see” that like white Southern sheriffs used to never “saw” whites starting fights with blacks.

The message: women are combat-ready equals…except when being weak and frail benefits them more.

Feminists employ manginas to advance their cause, too. Spokesweenies like Jackson “Kitty” Katz makes his living demonizing men. He “knows” that football makes boys become wife-beating thugs. On Planet Katz, sports don’t allow men to vent steam, gain skills, have fun, learn teamwork, manage feelings of defeat, and bond with other males. Instead, games are cabals that teach men how to abuse women.

You’ll never hear jive Jackson condemning mothers for beating children. You’ll never hear him proposing mandatory classes for girls to teach them to respect male sexuality and never-ever hit anyone. In kooky Katzville only men are adult. Females are irresponsible children who need endless protection from life via the Patriarchy/Government.

The wonder is that modern men put up with such lying gender traitors.

If you tell men the Super Bowl will be delayed 3 hours they will immediately march on Washington, DC…even if they have to use their penises as pogo-sticks to bounce there. But if you tell them you’re going to take their kids, homes, cash, and futures from them they will do…nothing. Instead, they will sip beer in LazyBoy recliners while watching sports on ESPN.

Guys think they have “all the power” and are “kings of castles.” In reality, feminists are the winning quarterbacks, men mere Astroturf upon which they trod.

The real deflategate occurred when feminists culturally castrated manhood, aided and abetted by willing weenie-men. Guys let NOW eviscerate every traditional male preserve (VMI, the military, fraternal orders, all-male colleges, and Boys’ Clubs) while allowing women to expand female bastions (YWCA, Girls, Inc., and Wellesley College). Today there are female-only course, loans/grants, health clubs, road-races, stamps, hospital-sections, etc.

Billions of dollars were spent to teach girls soccer. There was no similar cultural effort to attain equal custody rights for divorced fathers. You see the results all around. Today the only males saluted by sexist steinemites are gays, trannies, otherkins, and sundry other gerbillists. The more you un-man yourself, the more you’re lauded.

[ NB: Super Bowl 50 did not use Roman Numerals like it had 49 times before. The NFL didn’t want to use the Roman “L,” fearing folks might think the annual spectacle was for Losers. Alas, it is for losers.}

One day, sooner rather than later, you will see a Super Bowl “feminist” commercial involving clydesdales. The famous Budweiser horses will be used to draw-and-quarter a male who ogled a bikini-clad female, or was 5 minutes late with an onerous child-support payment, or didn’t jump quite high enough when Sgt. Sally Shrieker (who “served” donuts in the military) ordered him to clear obstacles she ducks. Men won’t mind. In fact, they’ll cheer the torture…provided NOW pats them on their pointed heads.

The Taliban doesn’t call it the Stupor Bowl for nothing.

Harvard’s President Faust: First and Foremost a Feminist

Drew Gilpin Faust seems hellbent on turning Harvard into a feminist paradise, opposing masculinity, critical thought, and freedom of association. Impartial analysis appears banished from her watch at one of the world’s foremost learning centers.

Drew appears to be from the “salad school” of diversity. It sees unum made from a pluribus of disparate ingredients pureed into a plaster of pabulum. She forgets that foundations are not made from salads but rebar created in melting pots. That is, America’s disparate elements have to be both recognized as unique and willing to work as one. Today, the one element not allowed to be proud, confident, separate, or celebrated is the cohort of straight white males.

Harvard talks-the-talk of inclusion/tolerance while walking-the-walk of dumping openly— often with impunity— on anything white, male, and heterosexual. It’s as if women never foment wars and black males never rape white women. Inconvenient facts get ignored or buried.

Ms. Faust came on the scene after Lawrence Summers made the mistake of speaking truth to feminist power at a school whose motto is Veritas. In a room filled with female scientists he committed a hateful, horrific, sexist thought-crime: he proposed an…hypothesis! He opined that while not his view, some folks thought women didn’t reach the summits of science due to personal choice. Some wanted children, others more time with friends and families, still others simply less-stressful careers.

The response exemplified feminism. Faced with a view different from the Sisterhood’s, the quaking Curie-clones ran screaming from the room like they were fleeing Godzilla. And, of course, they called for…and got…Summers’ head.

(Who said females shouldn’t attend college because their feeble brains would cause them to fear everything from diverse opinions to their own shadows, much less clapping hands?)

When Faust replaced Summers many cheered. Harvard would finally be free of malignant male leadership. They were blind to possible downsides of the Faustian Bargain.

Drew has kids and is married to a plumber. Well, she actually picked an “historian of medicine at Harvard.” So no female hypergamy there, right? Plus she has a daughter and step-daughter, unlike Christina Hoff Sommers who has two boys…which seems to have made her aware of misandry.

Drew is a Civil War historian, one who’s written about female roles in supporting slavery. So you’d think she’d know women aren’t saints. Plus she’s friends with Vietnam Vet (and Harvard alum) Tim O’Brien, author of the iconic, The Things They Carried. So surely she’d invite him to speak early and often about the male experience of war, right? You know, let students hear how men feel fighting for their units, countries, and lives. She’d also admit that women cause wars, too.



There were also conservative firebrands like Professor Harvey Mansfield on campus, a guy’s guy who’s written extensively on masculinity. Surely he’d regularly lecture about the inner lives of men and what males might want in any new social contract.


Again, wrong.

Instead, like all feminists, Drew sought to contract male lives while expanding those of women.

Faust is now on a tear to force Harvard’s all-male “final clubs,” some dating back to 1791, to admit women. There are also female-only clubs at Harvard (The Bee, Isis, La Vie Club, The Pleiades, Sablière Society, Seneca, etc.). Will they have to admit men now?

I doubt it. Since women are always and only sugar-and-spice, they can openly admit: “Same-sex clubs have many advantages for building friendships.” Men saying the same thing would be thought Machiavellian misogynists.

Plus females can admit they’re not seeking to serve the community, just “looking for girls who want to have a good time.” Because women are beatific and men beasts at egalitarian Harvard.

Anyhoo, some questions for First Feminist Faust:

There is the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America. Where is the comparable library focused solely on males?

Will Harvard Business School’s female-only Women’s Student Association be forced to admit men and change its name/focus?

Will Drew push to make female students register with Selective Service or say “Women can’t serve now since they’re not registered!” when the next draft occurs?

Where is the College’s Men’s Center? Where do Harvard men go to talk about their pressures, burdens, and pains? Where do they learn of biased divorce laws, DV rules that assume they’re guilty, military obligations women duck?

Why do females have both Harvard and Radcliffe resources (with female-only libraries, etc.) while males have just Harvard?

What straight male concerns are discussed in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality?

Who’s been invited to speak at Harvard on men’s rights/issues? Warren Farrell applied to the Bunting Institute proposing to write a book on the pay-gap. He was rejected. Why?

When was Harvard’s last Men’s Conference?

Harvard has hosted the Vagina Monologues. On Valentine’s Day—historically a day of gender comity celebrating romance— it also sponsored V-Day… a rite that unilaterally blames men for mutually-caused domestic violence.

No matter what punch-bowl men fill to honor manhood, feminists poop in it.

Widener Library forms one end of Harvard’s open-air “TercentenaryTheater,” where graduations are held annually. The library has “50 miles of shelves and the capacity to hold over three million volumes.” It was built to honor the memory of Harry Elkins Widener who died, along with many other men, when the Titanic sank. Drew should ring a bell 1357 times every April 15th for them, the “unsinkable’s” brave, perished males. To conclude the ceremony, she should invite women to finally join the Equal Sacrifice Club.

Will she?

Faust says she wants Yardsters to “embrace difference and discomfort ourselves and include people very different from ourselves in the lives we lead.” Nice-sounding, high-falutin’ words, to be sure. Yet she pushes female-only entities while demonizing all-male gatherings. So, does she dictate life Planet Vagina or lead so-called egalitarian Harvard?

(The writer is a Harvard affiliate)