RIP: International Men’s Day York Dorks and Men’s Rights Inactivists Rip IMD A New One

Per usual, International Men’s Day (IMD) was ignored/mocked.

The good news is that International Toilet Day was celebrated. Of course the egalitarian PBS, which never ignores a chance to ignore men’s issues, lauded it.

Naturally, as a public service serving the public it neglected-on-purpose mentioning that most plumbers, sewer workers, waterworks engineers, etc. are male.

In some ways, who can blame PBS? Men themselves are the biggest blockage in mass media pipelines, routinely flushing their issues down the GHOSTO with gusto: Great Highway of Stool to Oblivion.

IMD’s creator, Tom Oaster, inadvertently ordained that result. I know. I was there when he first pondered the unsung celebration for unsung males back in-the-day.

We corresponded by snail-mail in the early 1990s, a tad by new-fangled email. He insisted that IMD be a “day of respect [that] should go beyond the current social activities referred to as men’s movements.” To him, the Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) was just a bunch of silly “social activities,” like a quilting bee. He seemed proud that there was “no such thing as a unified men’s movement.”

Sadly, a half-century later, most men continue to believe that disunity is a powerful social stance.

Men who value the Second Amendment are not so foolish. They know too well why an NRA is needed.

Folks who value the First Amendment also cheer and support FIRE…which does what the MRM should: takes names, kicks ass, and sues!

Only MRAs think feminist bullies will stop on their own. Or when “teh wimminz” note the magic “stealth power” of MGTOWs.

Men were not always this clueless. Traditionally guys knew that armies defeated snipers, skirmishers, partisans, militias, and resistance groups. Always.

They also knew the importance of forming unions to counter corporations.

And the need for, and influence of, fraternal orders like the Elks, Shriners, Rotarians, Sons of Italy, VFW, and Knights of Columbus.

Plus at college, they formed fraternities and societies from William and Mary College’s Phi Beta Kappa to Yale’s Skull and Bones to Harvard’s Fly Club.

Yet somewhere along the line the obvious need for such groups (to provide solace, guidance, and strength to members while force-multiplying good) was lost.

That time, IMHO, was the mid-sixties. That was when NOW was formed and manhood came under attack.

When Hitler attacked America, men volunteered by the millions to fight. But when steinemites threatened to take everything men held dear (family, kids, cash, jobs, academia) men did nothing.

For thoroughly modern males, vaginas had become kryptonite: a source of strength before they were hurled from Planet Uterus, thereafter a weakener of manhood.


Well, first: mother-vaginates kept them alive (or not: abortion, neglect, etc.). Young lads learned that Pleasing Mommy meant stuffing feelings (“Big boys don’t cry!”).

Second: a young lass had a vagina, too. She conditionally offered (as Laura Nyro sang) a “super ride in my love thing.” So guys learned to pay for dates and play ball when wounded.

Third: females offered emotional succor to young men socialized to believe closeness with other males was “gay” and “for sissies.”

The result: men handing huge amounts of power to females,

And that was before women organized their modern movement!

The National Organization for Women grew into a monster, gaining great clout. Its founding members sometimes defected or spun off, but still mentioned NOW. Whatever Gloria Steinem said or did redounded to NOW. This is not true for men. Warren Farrell might mention his books, not a particular group. Roosh V might mention Return of Kings, but not the MRM or any Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) because many pickup artists (PUAs) disagree with MRAs. The same hold true for vloggers like Ramzpaul and Bernard Chapin: no mention of others activists. The result is no one group gaining clout.

NOW, because it was centralized, gained members, money, media-attention. It hired full-time lawyers, fundraisers, and talking-heads. It wrote and presented bills which were lobbied into law. Females learned the power of collective action. They secured millions of dollars from private donors, foundation grants, and governments.

Quick: name one men’s group that’s written any grant proposal!

NOW’s war chest, combined with legions of activists, secured myriad resources for women’s issues: DV shelters, women’s centers on college campuses, Women’s Studies sections in bookstores, and so on. Each one echoed women’s issues.

Feminists then took over college campuses and schools of education. They taught new teachers how to teach feminism. Those teachers, in turn, drugged young antsy boys and mandated further feminist indoctrination.

The entire culture was impacted, resulting in today’s ubiquitous Social Justice Warrior (SJW) wusses and stooges who have zero concern for men.

Normal, non-caitlynized men responded to this cultural takeover by drinking beer and watching sports on TV.

Oh, and by banging drums in the woods during sweat-lodge weekends.

(And some call the Taliban crazy!)

Western men, facing feminists who threatened to gut everything they held dear, religiously, adamantly, and always chose not to organize. They could not overcome their fear of and need for vagina. Anything to avoid being called crybabies and whiners.

Imagine: invaders appear on the horizon. Unopposed, they take over land, property, and assets. They recruit new members and indoctrinate the young. They pour foundations for fortresses which spread across the countryside.

Watching this, traditional guardians…go fishing.

What do you call such non-protectors?

Today males cry that they don’t understand how things got so bad. And whine that feminism is too well entrenched to oppose today (allowing them, in good conscience, to consume more booze/ESPN).

Tragically, today’s men would still be debating the good and bad points of Nazism at the Oxford Union. Their passivity is staggering to behold.

Oaster set-up his own demise. By insisting that every man go through life alone, fighting his own battles against vast, united, ever-active feminist forces, he sealed the fate of other men who emulated his stance.

Millions of males lost their kids and purposes in life. Their wives got advice from united, organized, well-funded women’s groups. They were coached by government-paid lawyers and were encouraged to sucker-punch husbands with divorce papers.

Divorce courts, which also became misandric due to male inertia, made sure men not often lost contact with their own flesh and blood, but paid dearly for the privilege.

No one cared, certainly not the non-moving men’s movement. It didn’t matter that the father was an emotional wreck, expected to weather alone the shitstorm that had hit him. He was to remain stoic, paying more-more-more for less-less-less. He had to find a new place to live while paying all former expenses, including new lawyer and court fees. During all this, he was expected to keep working as if nothing had happened.

Men, after all, are privileged robots with no feelings. So feminists tell us.

His wife got all sorts of help (emotional, legal, financial, education). He was left sucking eggs, tossed on society’s garbage heap. Former buddies avoided him, too, lest they “catch” his disease.

If such men— ignored/mocked by all (including the MRM)—killed themselves, so what? Thomas Ball may have died for men’s sins-of-omission, but tough-titties. He was just another Vietnam Vet loony loser:

Oaster penultimately had to defend himself alone because there was no men’s movement to advocate for him. Ultimately he took himself out of the gender game entirely because he dissed the importance of a band-of-brothers willing to fight during war.

And feminists are waging war.

So it’s not really feminism that ruins men’s lives. Nor is it manginas like Futrelle, Kimmel, Schwyzer, et femalia. It’s normal men who are afraid to champion men’s rights by uniting and fighting. They’d rather jabber online than take effective action.

They are also absolutely terrified of being called names by hirsute land-whales.

MRAs even tried changing their motto to “human rights” hoping it would fool someone. FRAs (Fathers’ Rights Activists) had tried that before, too, thinking feminists would forget that dads are first and foremost M-E-N.

Nothing pleases or appeases dworkinites.

The MRM forgets that at its peril. Yet it continues to think, like Occupy Wall Street naifs, that being a ramshackle assembly of disorganized dolts will actually change something. OWS is gone with the wind and, a half-century after NOW’s founding, the men’s rights movement mostly breaks wind, too.

Sadly, the only time men will fight per gender issues is when they attack other MRAs, forming endless circular firing-squads. That reaction ensures endless victims like Oaster, Ball, and others. And makes sure their movement, like the vortex Moby Dick created, sucks the MRM down feminism’s toilet “round and round, then, and ever contracting towards the button-like black bubble at the axis.”

Call me, Schlemiel.


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