Barry Our Hearts at Wounded Jayes: Nolan vs. Cassie

Feminists endlessly tell us they champion equality. They swear they care about men just as much as women. They lie. Like the pigs on Animal Farm, they believe females are more equal than males. They’d rewrite the classic Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee to create sympathy for Indian-killing soldiers like General Phil Sheridan.

In truth, feminists— both male and female— view males as inferior untermenschen. If they really believed men had all they power they’d never mention things like rape. After all, why would non-consensual sex be a crime if men truly ruled the world? Guys would just do what they wished with female “slaves.”

Feminism dictates what is permissible or verboten. If you dare question their diktats, you get hammered. Look at what happened to Cassie Jaye. She started filming representatives of both sides of gender issues. Equally. She got savaged for being…fair.

Then there is Barry Nolan…a proud mangina celebrity who once championed men’s rights. In fact, he won an award for hosting Big Boys Can Cry: The Changing American Man in 1982. I remember because the men’s group he spotlighted was mine, filmed in my former apartment. The Klieg-lights charred the ceiling!

Since then he’s forgotten his roots. Like feminists, he now sees only one half of gendered, mutual concerns. For example, he thinks divorce courts favor men while domestic violence is male-caused.

He’s had a successful career in media: Evening Magazine, Over the Edge, Hard Copy, Extra!, Nitebeat, CN8, and now hosts Says You! (on various radio stations, including WGBH Boston, near Nolan’s home in Newton, MA). He claims his success is based on “white privilege,” not his being good-looking, hard-working, and possessing a MENSA-level IQ.

Somewhere along the line Mr. Nolan morphed into a die-hard misandrist. He’s now married to a feminist professor, Garland Waller, who uses her Boston University position to sexistly make only pro-female/anti-male movies: Rape: An Act of Hate, Small Justice: Little Justice in America’s Family Courts, No Way Out But One and Seeking Happily Ever After.

Her webpage says “Professor Waller teaches The Creative Producer and Hothouse Productions, a class that operates as a student-run, client-driven production company.” Want to bet the course is chock-a-block with social justice warriors getting credit for helping her spout a misandric agenda?

It’s not only BU that has become an indoctrination center waging Social Justice War. When York University refused to celebrate International Men’s Day (November 18th) it said, “The Equality and Diversity Committee is clear that the main focus of gender equality work should continue to be on the inequalities faced by women, and in particular the under-representation of women in the professoriate and senior management.”

Thus does feminism twist words to its Orwellian purpose. Equality now ignores male contributions to, and burdens in, life. It’s like saying justice will arrive only when the suffering of bees is addressed, not the equal suffering of birds.

Traditionally the world was bifurcated: work done within the home and that without. On farms it meant women mostly working inside (caring for kids, cooking, sewing, cleaning, darning, preserving foods, tending the yard, etc.). For men it meant building homesteads, installing fences, removing boulders and tree stumps, tilling soil, sowing fields, harvesting crops, and so on. Both roles were needed to create and maintain society.

For the past half-century, though, feminists have concentrated solely on the female role, seeking to expand it. They cared not a jot about what men had done in the past, nor what guys might want in the future. Feminists ignored traditional male jobs like farming, coal-mining, and soldiering. They bypassed Industrial Age jobs, too, like working in factories. Instead, they demanded instant parity in the cushiest, highest-paying Electronic Era corner office jobs: CEOs, managers, board members, professors, etc.

Moreover, they wanted those jobs without having to pay the price men did…like staying 25 years at the same company, working 60-hour weeks while foregoing time with family, friends, and hobbies. They wanted it all —high pay, satisfaction, leisure time, kids— and wanted it now. They’d stamp their feet and hold their breath until Big Daddy/Government/Patriarchy gave it to them, too.

Not only did feminists ignore the historical sacrifices men made outside the home (for example, dying in combat or while building dams), they worked to prevent men from entering traditional female bastions. Child-custody, nursing, early education were to remain female-only preserves.

Again, this passed for egalitarianism among feminists. They blotted out traditional male obligations. “Housework” tallies typically exclude painting, shoveling snow, hanging shelves, repairing plumbing, installing home theaters, disciplining kids, de-bugging computers, mowing lawns (and maintaining mowers!), cleaning gutters, checking bumps-in-the-night, and so. That was all taken for granted. Meanwhile, women using labor-saving devices created by men (microwave ovens, dishwashers, vacuum-cleaners, clothes-dryers, etc.) was deemed akin to surviving the Burma Death March.

Feminists created ever-more female events (from Take Back the Night marches to Women’s History Month to Breast Cancer Awareness Month) while refusing to grant men even one new one like International Men’s Day. Worse, even on Father’s Day they foment misandry by demonizing “deadbeat dads” who can’t pay onerous child support and blaming men alone for domestic violence.

This unequal “blaming men while pretending not to” is seen most often with the ubiquitous use of the word “Patriarchy.” Having “patriarch/pater familias” at its root, it clearly points to men. If, instead, we say “the way men and women together decided to live” things get more honest and truthful. Feminists refuse to do this, of course, since it makes them co-responsible.

Which they are.

Women’s greatest power is to appear powerless. Being viewed as eternal victims lets them determine what is equal. But they’re not victims. I mean, who has more power over a young boy: his mother or a general? Mothers create warriors by shaping young male behaviors. Moms remind boys of ancient vendettas. They tell sons to protect the motherland. They teach boys to stuff feelings, not hit girls, and “soldier on” when wounded. It’s mothers who comfort boys when they don’t cry that create ‘unfeeling” societies. It’s highschool cheerleaders who have sex with winning football players (who “press on” when hurt) that create war-mongers.

The idea that females have no effect on males is nonsense. Wounded/dying soldiers cry out for their mothers, not their fathers, bankers, or fraternity brothers.

The tragedy is that boys taught to stuff feelings grow into males who are easily manipulated emotionally, remaining blind to their inequality. Hence the prevalence of manginas and white-knights. They think they’re top dogs when, in truth, the Sisterhood holds their leashes.

So forget the French Revolution’s “liberty, equality, fraternity.” Beware feminism’s revolting motto: “Misandry, Female Superiority, Sorority!”


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