Super Bowl 50: How NOW created the NFL (National Feminist League)

One thing Super Bowl 2016 won’t be remembered for is the beginning of the end of the Gender War, one that women won.

Fifty years ago the Battle of the Sexes began, pitting women’s favorite sport (whining) against men’s (winning). On June 30th, 1966 the National Organization of Witches, er, for Women (NOW) was founded. Roughly a month later, on July 25th, Pete Roselle —commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) received a letter proposing a season-end “Super Bowl.” Few thought that 5 decades later NFL players would be neutered pitbulls, leashed to NOW harridans.

Betty Friedan headed the National Organization for Women from 1966–1970. It was the latter Sixties, an era of hippies and Woodstock, the Pill and free-love. To many at the time, it seemed Eden had returned. With effective birth-control, sex could finally be separated from anxiety, allowing the Pleasure Principle to proceed full-steam ahead. And with massive numbers of women in college, preparing to finally shoulder bread-winning with men, equality between the sexes seemed assured.

Then the Vietnam War amped up, revealing feminism’s true agenda: expanded rights for females, ever-more burdens for males.

Feminists ducked that war by claiming they couldn’t be drafted because, darn the luck, women weren’t registered with Selective Service. Plus, NOW leaders declared, women were legally barred from combat positions. This was truly odd since pre-1973 laws against abortion didn’t stop females from getting them.

Thus did feminism’s cultural cherry-picking commence. Thenceforth women’s groups would only stress things that benefitted females.

If dworkinites deemed war a brutal, savage, baby-killing enterprise it would be blamed solely on males. If war was seen as valorous, a noble thing reluctantly done to protect one’s homeland, then feminists would swear women contributed equally. Reality would be distorted so that female parachute-packers were equated with male grunts actually jumping from planes.

In short, the cultural demise began. Feminists lied and men took a powder, refusing to counter anti-male propaganda. The process continued for half a century. Today men will fight other men who merely “look at” them the wrong way. At the same time, they do nothing to protect their gender, kids, jobs, or families.

Metaphorically, feminists appear on gridirons and kick testicles through goal-posts while millions of men (and women) in stadiums cheer.

It’s fascinating to watch. There are no bigger losers today than modern Western men.

Team Peen has fielded greats like Johnny Unitas, Joe Namath, and Tom Brady. Team Vag has produced ingrates like Gloria Steinem, Susan Faludi, and Gloria Allred. There is no question who’s won the cultural contest.

Football boyos, on and off the field, remain blind to the Big Picture. They don’t “get” that they provide bread-and-circus distractions while feminism undermines male-built civilizations.

Today we see “pretty in pink” human jaegers concussing each other in the Fall to help fund research…not for prostate, but breast cancer. Men don’t matter to men. Boys don’t matter to men. Males exist only to serve women.

In truth, It’s really not female activity that lets feminism metastasize. It’s male passivity. The sad fact is that even rough-tough football giants will act like meek chihuahuas, performing tricks for a few pats on the head by feminists and some kibble.

Good doggies!

You don’t see professional women’s teams wearing blue to raise awareness and money to cure any male diseases. You don’t see feminists insisting that only women protect countries now until females “finally do their fair share” and fill half of all military cemeteries. Instead, you see women demanding options while forcing ever-more obligations on males.

And males meekly acquiesce!

Go to any bar/home on Super Bowl Sunday and you will see men emoting. Once a year they’re allowed to express feelings, but only regarding football. Guys will cry when their team loses, not when misandric family courts take their kids. Adult males will cheer wildly when their team wins, not when they learn their colonoscopy results were negative.

Of course, feminists do their best…as they always do…to ruin male fun. NOW feels compelled to enter any place where guys gather to enjoy each other’s company. If men like playing computer games, feminists will sarkeesian that hobby, whining about how females are portrayed. Of course, such cultural critics never mention how often females crotch-kick males in movies or how many men die in an average James Bond film. To feminists, only women matter.

NOW attacks football, too. It lied that more women were beaten on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day. It doesn’t admit that women start half the domestic violence fights with men and inflict most abuse/neglect per children. It denies that females compensate for size by using weapons/poison and attacking when men are asleep, sick, or caught off-guard. It also glosses over the fact that men are raised to never hit women…even after women hit them. Plus we all know that females use the Vagina Pass to get lighter sentences for identical crimes.

We saw that when Ray Rice was demonized for hitting his wife in an elevator. Feminists ignored Janay Rice starting the fight by slapping Ray in the hallway, then continuing to attack him in the elevator. Suddenly the larger-size female was not equal, just another frail little girl facing a big, brutal subhuman male entity.

We saw it again when a female hogging a space in a Florida bar hit a man trying to get a drink. It didn’t matter that she was hogging the bar or hit him first. Reporters don’t “see” that like white Southern sheriffs used to never “saw” whites starting fights with blacks.

The message: women are combat-ready equals…except when being weak and frail benefits them more.

Feminists employ manginas to advance their cause, too. Spokesweenies like Jackson “Kitty” Katz makes his living demonizing men. He “knows” that football makes boys become wife-beating thugs. On Planet Katz, sports don’t allow men to vent steam, gain skills, have fun, learn teamwork, manage feelings of defeat, and bond with other males. Instead, games are cabals that teach men how to abuse women.

You’ll never hear jive Jackson condemning mothers for beating children. You’ll never hear him proposing mandatory classes for girls to teach them to respect male sexuality and never-ever hit anyone. In kooky Katzville only men are adult. Females are irresponsible children who need endless protection from life via the Patriarchy/Government.

The wonder is that modern men put up with such lying gender traitors.

If you tell men the Super Bowl will be delayed 3 hours they will immediately march on Washington, DC…even if they have to use their penises as pogo-sticks to bounce there. But if you tell them you’re going to take their kids, homes, cash, and futures from them they will do…nothing. Instead, they will sip beer in LazyBoy recliners while watching sports on ESPN.

Guys think they have “all the power” and are “kings of castles.” In reality, feminists are the winning quarterbacks, men mere Astroturf upon which they trod.

The real deflategate occurred when feminists culturally castrated manhood, aided and abetted by willing weenie-men. Guys let NOW eviscerate every traditional male preserve (VMI, the military, fraternal orders, all-male colleges, and Boys’ Clubs) while allowing women to expand female bastions (YWCA, Girls, Inc., and Wellesley College). Today there are female-only course, loans/grants, health clubs, road-races, stamps, hospital-sections, etc.

Billions of dollars were spent to teach girls soccer. There was no similar cultural effort to attain equal custody rights for divorced fathers. You see the results all around. Today the only males saluted by sexist steinemites are gays, trannies, otherkins, and sundry other gerbillists. The more you un-man yourself, the more you’re lauded.

[ NB: Super Bowl 50 did not use Roman Numerals like it had 49 times before. The NFL didn’t want to use the Roman “L,” fearing folks might think the annual spectacle was for Losers. Alas, it is for losers.}

One day, sooner rather than later, you will see a Super Bowl “feminist” commercial involving clydesdales. The famous Budweiser horses will be used to draw-and-quarter a male who ogled a bikini-clad female, or was 5 minutes late with an onerous child-support payment, or didn’t jump quite high enough when Sgt. Sally Shrieker (who “served” donuts in the military) ordered him to clear obstacles she ducks. Men won’t mind. In fact, they’ll cheer the torture…provided NOW pats them on their pointed heads.

The Taliban doesn’t call it the Stupor Bowl for nothing.


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