Harvard’s President Faust: First and Foremost a Feminist

Drew Gilpin Faust seems hellbent on turning Harvard into a feminist paradise, opposing masculinity, critical thought, and freedom of association. Impartial analysis appears banished from her watch at one of the world’s foremost learning centers.

Drew appears to be from the “salad school” of diversity. It sees unum made from a pluribus of disparate ingredients pureed into a plaster of pabulum. She forgets that foundations are not made from salads but rebar created in melting pots. That is, America’s disparate elements have to be both recognized as unique and willing to work as one. Today, the one element not allowed to be proud, confident, separate, or celebrated is the cohort of straight white males.

Harvard talks-the-talk of inclusion/tolerance while walking-the-walk of dumping openly— often with impunity— on anything white, male, and heterosexual. It’s as if women never foment wars and black males never rape white women. Inconvenient facts get ignored or buried.

Ms. Faust came on the scene after Lawrence Summers made the mistake of speaking truth to feminist power at a school whose motto is Veritas. In a room filled with female scientists he committed a hateful, horrific, sexist thought-crime: he proposed an…hypothesis! He opined that while not his view, some folks thought women didn’t reach the summits of science due to personal choice. Some wanted children, others more time with friends and families, still others simply less-stressful careers.

The response exemplified feminism. Faced with a view different from the Sisterhood’s, the quaking Curie-clones ran screaming from the room like they were fleeing Godzilla. And, of course, they called for…and got…Summers’ head.

(Who said females shouldn’t attend college because their feeble brains would cause them to fear everything from diverse opinions to their own shadows, much less clapping hands?)

When Faust replaced Summers many cheered. Harvard would finally be free of malignant male leadership. They were blind to possible downsides of the Faustian Bargain.

Drew has kids and is married to a plumber. Well, she actually picked an “historian of medicine at Harvard.” So no female hypergamy there, right? Plus she has a daughter and step-daughter, unlike Christina Hoff Sommers who has two boys…which seems to have made her aware of misandry.

Drew is a Civil War historian, one who’s written about female roles in supporting slavery. So you’d think she’d know women aren’t saints. Plus she’s friends with Vietnam Vet (and Harvard alum) Tim O’Brien, author of the iconic, The Things They Carried. So surely she’d invite him to speak early and often about the male experience of war, right? You know, let students hear how men feel fighting for their units, countries, and lives. She’d also admit that women cause wars, too.



There were also conservative firebrands like Professor Harvey Mansfield on campus, a guy’s guy who’s written extensively on masculinity. Surely he’d regularly lecture about the inner lives of men and what males might want in any new social contract.


Again, wrong.

Instead, like all feminists, Drew sought to contract male lives while expanding those of women.

Faust is now on a tear to force Harvard’s all-male “final clubs,” some dating back to 1791, to admit women. There are also female-only clubs at Harvard (The Bee, Isis, La Vie Club, The Pleiades, Sablière Society, Seneca, etc.). Will they have to admit men now?

I doubt it. Since women are always and only sugar-and-spice, they can openly admit: “Same-sex clubs have many advantages for building friendships.” Men saying the same thing would be thought Machiavellian misogynists.

Plus females can admit they’re not seeking to serve the community, just “looking for girls who want to have a good time.” Because women are beatific and men beasts at egalitarian Harvard.

Anyhoo, some questions for First Feminist Faust:

There is the Schlesinger Library on the History of Women in America. Where is the comparable library focused solely on males?

Will Harvard Business School’s female-only Women’s Student Association be forced to admit men and change its name/focus?

Will Drew push to make female students register with Selective Service or say “Women can’t serve now since they’re not registered!” when the next draft occurs?

Where is the College’s Men’s Center? Where do Harvard men go to talk about their pressures, burdens, and pains? Where do they learn of biased divorce laws, DV rules that assume they’re guilty, military obligations women duck?

Why do females have both Harvard and Radcliffe resources (with female-only libraries, etc.) while males have just Harvard?

What straight male concerns are discussed in Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality?

Who’s been invited to speak at Harvard on men’s rights/issues? Warren Farrell applied to the Bunting Institute proposing to write a book on the pay-gap. He was rejected. Why?

When was Harvard’s last Men’s Conference?

Harvard has hosted the Vagina Monologues. On Valentine’s Day—historically a day of gender comity celebrating romance— it also sponsored V-Day… a rite that unilaterally blames men for mutually-caused domestic violence.

No matter what punch-bowl men fill to honor manhood, feminists poop in it.

Widener Library forms one end of Harvard’s open-air “TercentenaryTheater,” where graduations are held annually. The library has “50 miles of shelves and the capacity to hold over three million volumes.” It was built to honor the memory of Harry Elkins Widener who died, along with many other men, when the Titanic sank. Drew should ring a bell 1357 times every April 15th for them, the “unsinkable’s” brave, perished males. To conclude the ceremony, she should invite women to finally join the Equal Sacrifice Club.

Will she?

Faust says she wants Yardsters to “embrace difference and discomfort ourselves and include people very different from ourselves in the lives we lead.” Nice-sounding, high-falutin’ words, to be sure. Yet she pushes female-only entities while demonizing all-male gatherings. So, does she dictate life Planet Vagina or lead so-called egalitarian Harvard?

(The writer is a Harvard affiliate)


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